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Awaiting Approval...

2009-12-23 08:27:13 by CsSxPlay3r

Why does this process take so long o.O? The Loop music i made is def. under 1 min...I dont see why it is taking this long to approve it =[


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2009-12-23 10:36:32

It normally takes around two weeks for a mod to get to your submission as all submissions submitted before yours has to be checked first. If three weeks have gone then you can try to PM an audio mod and ask kindly about your submission, if it is still waiting for approval or if it is not in the list for some reason (failed upload or other stuff).

CsSxPlay3r responds:

Oh dang that long o.O. I had no idea lol...will this happen everytime I submit a new song that I make? Thats a little over the top =/