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2009-12-24 10:28:53 by CsSxPlay3r

The loop finally got approved. Its not the greatest, but Its my first and im learning how to make them better. I cant wait to make more later on!

Awaiting Approval...

2009-12-23 08:27:13 by CsSxPlay3r

Why does this process take so long o.O? The Loop music i made is def. under 1 min...I dont see why it is taking this long to approve it =[


2009-12-22 17:48:43 by CsSxPlay3r

I havent posted in this thing in forever. Im now getting into making some music! Frank made a company to make some flash and games. So i thought i could provide him with some music if he likes them. I just submitted my first loop song thing lol so hopefully that goes well...then maybe i can try and cook up better things!


2007-08-09 18:29:11 by CsSxPlay3r

So like, i never log onto my account but im always on Newgrounds! Best site ever made besides Myspace lol. But ya, i finally loged on today...looked at when I joined newground...(this account...ive been on newgrounds since i was 11 years old and currently 16) and the date says 6/6/06 lmao! What bad luck!